What do you think we should do? Keep going somewhere else or just close?
Here is a video with the thoughts of one of my customers.

Bring us your church bulletin to get an extra 5,000 contest points. You don’t go to church? No problem! Just go to a church this weekend. It will be good and your mother would be happy!

(Note, we will be closed next month when you will need these,
so please come in now to honor the special people in your life.)

Including Clergy Appreciation and Thanksgiving Cards!


Here’s what’s happening now. I hope you enjoy a glimpse
into the fun we’re having getting everyone accommodated!


All T-Shirts $7.00 for one, or 4 for 20.00!

The selection is best now. We’re not reordering, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. You have to wear something, so might as well make a statement!